Hello! As you likely know/have noticed, I haven’t been actively developing Gamocosm. Still, I try to monitor the server and GitHub for issues, and I think things have been running mostly smoothly?

Recently, I’ve redeployed the Gamocosm server. (Hopefully nobody ran into the downtime - I don’t use any analytics so it’s a bit of a guess when no-one is online.) Last time, I had switched to a containerized setup - since then, I’ve realized some (slightly) better ways of handling things. Notably, the sysadmin folder in Gamocosm’s source code quite accurately documents the process (before, I always had to tweak some things on the actual Gamocosm deployment).

Perhaps more excitingly, I actually added/changed a small feature - Gamocosm itself now acts as the DNS nameserver for user server domains! Note that user server domains like abcdefgh.gamocosm.com have now turned into abcdefgh.users.gamocosm.com. Previously, these domains were passed to Cloudflare’s DNS using their API. Now, Gamocosm’s DNS settings basically just say “ask ns.gamocosm.com for users.gamocosm.com and subdomains”, where ns.gamocosm.com runs this script to respond with the Gamocosm user server’s IP directly.

Cloudflare is a pretty reputable DNS service, but Gamocosm depending on their API could be considered technical debt. Also, I assume it was/would be inconvennient for anyone wanting to try/develop Gamocosm locally - they would need to set up a Cloudflare account. Finally, I think it will make it less likely that DNS entries get cached and are out of date (your domain points to an old IP address).

Anyways, thanks again for all your patience and support!