I’ve updated the blog to use Jekyll; the old blog used Octopress which hasn’t been updated in many years. Technically, the old Octopress blog still worked fine, but I like having things up-to-date. Currently, this new blog is using the default Jekyll theme, which looks quite plain. However, it’s functional and makes maintenance easier (better documentation for customization).

As the new blog has a slightly different directory structure, I think migrating the old posts over would lose the kind Disqus comments you guys have left for me over the years. As such, the old blog is left in place at gamocosm.com/blog/ (note the slash), and the new blog is at gamocosm.com/blog.0/. The URL gamocosm.com/blog (no slash) will redirect to the new blog.

Update 2023 Jul 23: I figured out how to migrate comments, so it’s all here now (at gamocosm.com/blog/)!