After another long period of inactivity and unanswered GitHub issues, I’ve finally caught up on Gamocosm development again. In terms of new things, the only thing notable is that Gamocosm now installs Cockpit, a web interface for managing servers which includes a console/terminal; this should be a quality of life improvement for those who need to access their server (the Linux side of things) quickly. Here’s Gamocosm’s wiki page on it for more information.

I don’t have any major updates planned at the moment, but I am looking around for behind-the-scene overhauls to improve the infrastructure and reliability of Gamocosm. After nearly 8 years of on-and-off development, I’m not going to claim that “this time will be different”, but I’ll do my best to make this stretch last as long and be as productive as possible.

Finally, I want to thank all of you who have been patient and supportive with Gamocosm again - your kind words really do mean a lot to me (ignoring the part where it makes me feel really bad about not doing a better job with Gamocosm :P ). Let’s look forward to another fun year of Minecraft in 2022!