I guess it’s that time of year again - me awkwardly returning to Gamocosm for some minor updates or bug fixes, after ignoring messages and GitHub issues for a long time sweat smile. Every time, once I start falling behind, I get anxious and want to avoid looking at/thinking about it, which causes me to further fall behind. Well, this time I have a little more to show - mainly, I’ve dived back into the code and sysadmin stuff, updating dependencies and more importantly updating the tests.

A while ago I wrote quite a comprehensive set of tests for Gamocosm (IMO), but since then CloudFlare (and possibly Digital Ocean) changed their API. Gamocosm was updated to use the new API, and as well some other tweaks were made, but that caused most of the tests to fail, as different HTTP requests were being made. Many of them would fail early, and with so many failures, the tests weren’t very useful. However, that has finally been fixed, and as a result I can feel more confident updating Gamocosm again.

So after clearing up a backlog of issues, refamiliarizing myself with the code, and updating the tests, I hope to stay on top of things again. For, well, as long as I can keep it up (I don’t have a good track record).

I’d also like to share that Gamocosm has passed 300 monthly users, a big surprise for me (given that I haven’t been advertising Gamocosm anywhere)! That, along with the kind and patient words of everyone, imbues me with more of a sense of responsibility, and once again I will make an effort to be a better maintainer.

Anyways, I’m feeling quite well right now about Gamocosm, and I hope to keep it up. Thank you all who have given Gamocosm a shot and supported it along the way! Happy Minecrafting!