This is late again :sweat_smile: but still it’s here now! I started writing up the Security and Privacy page on the wiki, procrastinating on digging up all the references I need :sweat_smile: (I’m intending to do it properly, so it’s not easy!)

Also, I recently got back into IRC, so you can possibly find me as user raekye on or The #gamocosm channel is on EsperNet, but I “should” always be connected via a “The Lounge” self-hosted IRC client (running 24/7 on a server), so you can direct message me. I’m not sure how often the IRC history “hmmmbot” dies to netsplits or something, and I haven’t seen how well The Lounge handles netsplits/other disconnections, so there’s a chance I lose messages but it should be extremely small. Anyways, the most reliable way to reach me is still by reddit PM. But IRC is back on the table!

Hmmm, not to turn this into a personal depression-blog, but I also have been having chronic headaches since the summer. I’ve seen an optometrist (because at first I thought it was related to my eyes), and have been seeing a GP for several months now (and a social worker and a therapist :sweat_smile: ). The headaches can be pretty bad - up to 6-7 days a week almost continuously (e.g. go to sleep with a headache, wake up with the same headache), and intense to the point I struggle to do any work. Today (Friday, real date of this blog post :sweat_smile: ) was one of those particularly bad days where I could barely even focus to do anything (and yet I still had to force myself to lecture and office hours and finish an abstract algebra problem set). Still haven’t found the cause… It should still be statistically unlikely to be something serious, but I will be getting an MRI sometime maybe in the next month or two. On the off chance I do go completely silent… maybe ‘so it goes’ :P