Not sure if anyone ever reads this xD but thought I’d at least mention it somewhere visible. As you all may know, Gamocosm uses pretty much plain Twitter Bootstrap for it’s base CSS/”theme”. And it looks pretty bad as a generic “web 2.0” “web app”. I have almost zero graphical ability, and what currently exists is already the hour of many, many hours over the course of ~1.5 years.

A couple people have mentioned they might try working on a redesign though no work has been done yet, though currently there is a GitHub issue with some discussion. I’ve written down some of the challenges and my thoughts on what can be done, so it may be a good reference for anyone interested. It certainly won’t be a trivial task, and I won’t be accepting “just any” work done, but I’ll try to be as helpful and open as possible. For any designers or anyone dedicated and does a good job, I’m definitely open to paying for the final work, but I would not do it for the money, because it probably won’t be worth it for you. But, if you’d like to discuss it with me, I’d be happy to.

Again, here’s the link to issue 41. Happy Minecrafting!