Autoshutdown uses the query protocol to check the number of players on a server (source). A background Sidekiq worker checks every 64 seconds - 8 consistent checks results in trying to stop the server. This is an “experimental” feature; with all the infrastructure involved, I doubt I’ve covered all error cases (let alone ironed out all my bugs). However, as a lone developer (contributors welcome though! Github repository is well documented), I can’t push out an enterprise-level feature like this, so I have to rely on you guys to hopefully give feedback and support.

Migrating old servers

Ensure you have set enable-query=true in, and opened port 25565 to UDP ((sudo) firewall-cmd --add-port=25565/udp and (sudo) firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=25565/udp). Gamocosm does both of these things automatically for new servers.