The open
Realms alternative

Gamocosm is like a home coffee machine. Or a toolkit so you can do your own repairs. Or courses posted online so everyone can learn. Gamocosm helps you host your own servers.

Gamocosm control panel
Gamocosm control panel

Why pay 24/7 if you don't play 24/7?

Gamocosm automates setting up and maintaining Minecraft servers on DigitalOcean (no referral), a cloud server provider. You only need to pay per hour, so Gamocosm users average just $0.50-$2 a month.

Give access to family and friends

Get your server running just the way you like it, then add your friends so they can play while you're away. Set a schedule to start and stop your server, or tell Gamocosm to automatically shutdown after a period of inactivity.

The server is yours and yours alone

You have full access to a Linux machine; you can install mods, additional software and even custom servers such as Cuberite, the performant C++ Minecraft server. Read more about the setup on the wiki.

Free as in freedom

It costs nothing to use Gamocosm; no bills, no ads, no tracking user habits. The source code is well documented and available for everyone's inspection and contribution.