Digital Ocean Instructions

Gamocosm doesn't charge you for hosting servers (it's free). Your servers are hosted on Digital Ocean, a cloud hosting service. Gamocosm requires API access to do stuff such as setting up a new server or backing up and stopping servers. To learn more, see the About page.

  1. Sign up on Digital Ocean (*)
  2. Click on Billing
  3. Click on Manage Payments
  4. Add billing information for Digital Ocean
  5. Click on Apps & API
  6. Under "Personal Access Tokens", click "Generate new token"
  7. Check both "Read" and "Write" for the scope of the token, and click "Generate Token"
  8. Copy the token and save it in your settings
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Digital ocean billing 4f6eb5112e75daadf43d63d40b3c1787075730bbda73d232cce22a5afd2154f0

Digital ocean api 5053802a6facce60632063782d64eed387edea203507a891e94956c4cea48966