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Send Command to Server


Tell your friends to sign up and add them to your server to let them start and stop it when you're offline.


Autoshutdown is enabled

Last check: 1 minute ago
Last successful check: 1 minute ago

Autoshutdown after 8 minutes.
Change this under the "Schedule" tab.

Please ensure that enable-query=true is set in your

Gamocosm is not responsible if something goes wrong, but it will try to notify you via email. It is your responsibility to periodically check on your servers. Learn more



  • Always back up your server and keep your own copies!
  • Stop the physical server when no-one is playing. Digital Ocean charges you when the server is running.
  • Stop Minecraft before backing up or downloading your world, or editing files (configuration, mods, plugins, etc.).
  • For more information read the About page or the wiki.
  • Read more about using different version of Minecraft or specifying JVM arguments on the wiki.
  • Server taking a long time to start/stop? Read about using volumes on the wiki.
  • For problems, check the Troubleshooting page on the wiki, or submit an issue on GitHub.
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Minecraft Properties

Server Credentials

FTP and SSH instructions are on the wiki. (or

Defaults to your email and the name of your server separated with a plus, e.g. "[email protected]+terrafirmacraft" (you should change this!)

Even if you specify SSH key(s) to add to your server, a password must be set for you to use sudo

FTP ProtocolSFTP
FTP Logon TypeNormal (saves password) or Ask for password (every time)

Changing your server password

  1. SSH into your server
  2. Run passwd
  3. Enter your old and new password into the prompt
  4. Exit (run exit)

SSH Keys

The next time you start your server, Gamocosm will add these keys to your list of authorized keys (and reset this field)

Comma separated list of Digital Ocean SSH key IDs (spaces will be stripped)

SSH keys on Digital Ocean

Name ID  
me 123 Delete
gamocosm 456 Delete

Add SSH public key to Digital Ocean


You can setup a schedule to start/stop a server at different days of the week. Autoshutdown also works with the schedule. This feature is in beta! Things may break, and if they do it'd be greatly appreciated if you submitted an issue with as many details as possible. Remember to backup your server locally!

Time of inactivity before shutting off your server (autoshutdown is enabled, change this under the "Profile" tab).

The server's schedule is based on Pacific Time (currently 7:10 pm (19:10) PDT). By setting the timezone delta, you can enter times below based on your own clock. Suppose you are 3 hours ahead (Eastern Time); your "timezone delta" is 3. If you are behind, you can use negative numbers.

Enter a rule on each line, in the format [day of week] [hour]:[minute] [am or pm] [start or stop]:

  • A day of the week is [Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday], or just the first 3 letters
  • The hour is in 12-hour format (1-12)
  • The minute is either "00" or "30" (only half-hour intervals supported)
  • Everything is case-insensitive ("am" is the same as "AM")

Advanced Configuration

View the documentation for these fields on the wiki.