Necro’d after over a year!

Damn, it’s been a long time. Again, no excuses, just me being a crappy maintainer. Well, gonna try to clean things up again and maybe push some updates.

Update #20

Full HTTPS support is finally live! Your data is fully encrypted between your computer, Cloudflare, and Gamocosm’s servers. For more information check the wiki page on Security and Privacy. Some miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements have also been made.

I will be travelling again for about 2 weeks. Don’t expect updates although I will try to respond to questions/problems. Still not sure how GitHub notifications work…

Update #19

Made some miscellaneous improvements. More maintenance to come this week.

Update #18

CloudFlare finally disabled the API Gamocosm was originally coded with, breaking the user server URLs. Along with starting a modded server with friends, that gave me the motivation to finally update Gamocosm… URLs should be working again. I will be doing more updates. Good to be back!

Update #17

Trying to get back into things.

Update #15

On vacation with friends. Got sick the other day, had to go to the hospital, better now though. After this trip I will finally be “free”.

Update #14

Finished exams, but working on paper submission… pretty stressful.

‘Weekly’ update #13

Finished exam yesterday. One left next week. Will try to get some work done on Gamocosm the week after.